About the Vault Club

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About the Vault Club

There is no cost to join the Vault Club. We set it up because we wanted to reward our loyal private clients by giving you an exclusive range of services and special offers when buying our wine, including a 10% discount on all of our wine, even those on offer. As a Vault Club member, all you have to do is set up a regular payment into your 'vault', allowing your account to accrue until you wish to spend it - a sort of 'wine piggybank', if you will. There is a minimum requirement of £50 per month and no maximum and you can terminate your Vault Club account at any time. Don't forget, we reward all Vault Club members for referring new members with £25 for every referral. If you have been referred by someone, remember to mention their name when you sign up and we'll credit £25 to their Vault.

How to join

We will soon be launching an online sign-up, but in the meantime please contact Nick Daniell and he will set your membership up.

Our office hours are:   Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm
By telephone:                   020 3757 5514
By email:                             nick@thevintner.com


Is there a membership fee to join?  
No, there is not!

Is there a minimum or maximum for my standing order?  
The minimum is £50 per month and there is no maximum!

Can you arrange regular cases for me without me having to choose the individual wines?  
Yes. Let us know what your taste and budget is and we can regularly send you a different mixed case of wines that we think you’ll love.

Can I ask for personal recommendations?  
Absolutely! Email vaultclub@thevintner.com or call the office on 020 7352 4083 and your personal Vintner will help you work out the perfect wine to suit your needs.

Is it easy to change the amount of my subscription, or cancel it at any time?  
Yes, you can log into your account online and amend it at any time.

Is there free delivery?  
Yes. All orders over £100 qualify for free delivery anywhere in the UK, otherwise a £10 delivery charge applies.

Does my 10% discount apply to wines already discounted?
Yes it does. You receive a further 10% discount off the already-reduced price!

Can I check my Vault Club balance online?  
Yes you can. Simply click on "my account" at top left of this screen and enter your login details. Once logged in, it will display your balance available to spend. 

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my Vault to cover my order?  
You can still place your order. At checkout you can choose how much you want to pay using your Vault Club balance and choose to pay the rest with a credit or debit card.

How do The Vintner referral rewards work?
Simply let us know the name of your friend by emailing Nick, and once they've set up their monthly standing order we will credit your account with £25 and drop you a line to let you know.