Domaines Schlumberger

Alsace, France

Domaines Schlumberger was established in 1810 and is now run by Alain Beydon - Schlumbgerger, 6th generation, with the help of his son and daughter, Séverine and Thomas. The family go to great lengths to preserve the natural environment in order to ensure the production of great wines of future generations and have thus adopted sustainable agriculture measures on their land, tightly controlled and measured by ECOCERT. 

Located on the dizzy heights of the hills of Guebwiller, in southern Alsace, with slopes reaching 50° and an altitude of 250-390m, this mountain-side vineyard is surely one of the most breathtaking in Alsace. Its excellent southwest, south, south east exposure ensures it perfect sun exposure. Guebwiller is the only spot in Alsace producing 4 Grands Crus. Half of the vineyard, some 70 hectares consists of these unique “terroirs”. The wines of the Grands Crus portray, from year to year, the ancient memory of the stones of the land. The Vosges sandstone, on the edge of the mountain, produces subtle nuances: plots located only a few metres from one another can produce very different wines.


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Pinot Gris 'Les Princes Abbés', Domaine Schlumberger 2014 £16.50

Vintage 2014

Producer Domaines Schlumberger

Country France

Grape Pinot Grigio