Celler Cal Pla

Priorat, Spain

With seven generations of experience, Joan Sangenís is a member of one of the region’s oldest and best known grape growing families but it wasn’t until relatively recently, in 1995, that they began producing for their own label, Celler Can Pla. Joan spends most of his time tending the vines as he believes that is where the quality of the wine is born. Maintaining healthy vineyards with rigourous ploughing is his priority with the aim of avoiding the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides altogether.

Celler Cal Pla is located in the land of Porrera, DOC Priorat, where the vines are cultivated within the strictly Mediterranean climate. The vineyards stand at an altitude of between 300 - 500m on steep, rocky landscape. With limited rainfall, warm days and cool nights, they benefit from a very special microclimate resulting in unique wines with distinctive character.


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Cellar Cal Pla Crianza 2015 £16.50

Vintage 2015

Producer Celler Cal Pla

Country Spain

Grape Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Garnacha