Beaumont des Crayeres

Champagne, France

Beaumont des Creyères is made up of a group of 250 member growers from the village of Mardeuil and named after one of the finest hillsides in the village. As a custodian of the House’s high standards, the cellar master at Beaumont de Creyères lavishes utmost care and attention on winemaking and blending of his Champagnes. Must from each grape variety, individual batches and the various single-vineyard selections are fermented separately. This technique gives him an extensive array of wines to marry during blending - this being a key stage in the making of a great Champagne.

Based in thevery heart of Champagne, in the rolling countryside around Eperney, Beaumont des Crayères currently has 85 hectares under vine. Three-quarters of the vineyards are located on the outskirts of Epernay, in the village of Mardeuil. The house also boasts plots in Damery, Cumières, Hautvillers and Dizy as well as in Pierry, Vinay and Epernay. From pruning and training through to harvesting, most work in the vineyard is done by hand. And out of respect for this unique natural heritage, the wine growers have been applying the principles of sustainable culture for a long time.

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Champagne Beaumont des Crayères Grand Reserve Brut £24.95

Vintage NV

Producer Beaumont des Crayeres

Country France

Grape Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir