Viberti Giovanni

Piedmont, Italy

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The Viberti winery was founded in the early 1900s, when Antonio Viberti purchased an inn in the Vergne district of Barolo, known as “Al Buon Padre”, along with an adjoining farm that produced the wine served in the trattoria. At that time, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes were the three varieties used by Antonio to produce his wines, which he sold exclusively in the restaurant. Today at Viberti Giovanni, Claudio, the youngest son, represents the third generation to run the family business and now exports wine to Europe and the USA. Claudio is directly committed to the wine making process using his know-how, which has been passed down through the generations.

The Viberti vineyards are mainly located in the west side of the Barolo village. The average altitude is between 400 and 500 mt above see level and this characteristic is the key element and common link within all vineyards. The philosophy in the vineyard is clear: they believe that 70% of the quality of a wine results from the work carried out in the vineyards. Their efforts are mainly targeted at lowering the yield per acre and ripening only the very best grapes. This is achieved by strict thinning of the bounces, first during the summer, and then again just a few week before the harvest. They believe that reducing the quantity and raising the standard of the musts are the key to success in quality. 



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Viberti Giovanni Barolo Buon Padre £35.00

Vintage 2016

Producer Viberti Giovanni

Country Italy

Grape Nebbiolo