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Nikos Varvarigos was born in Santorini in 1963. After graduating from the Technological University of Athens in 1986 he returned to his home island and devoted himself to winemaking. He worked as an oenologist for the Union of Santorini Cooperatives -Santo Wines- and became Head of the production department in 2003 -a post that he presently holds. Nikos is a low-profile oenologist and his winemaking philosophy mostly involves highlighting the soil and climate based features of the native varieties. He has espoused production models and developed methodologies that have led to products, which combine high quality and commercial success. Most important however is that throughout his 23-year career he has never failed those wine features that come from Santorini’s cultural and historical continuity. He is member of the Wine Classification Committee of Santorini and Paros. He was awarded a prize for his work during the 2nd International Symposium “AMPELOS” (Vitis) in 2006.

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Assyrtiko, Santo Wines £18.25

Vintage 2018

Producer Santo Wines

Country Greece

Grape Assyrtiko