La Sabbie dell’Etna

Sicily, Italy

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When technology innovation and enhance the value of nature. The key to the success of Firriato rests on an ineluctable axiom: the perfect and meticulous care in all aspects of the production, from the vineyard to the cellar. Firriato, over time, has earned a place in the elite of the brands most appreciated by international wine critics and consumers since it was made ​​custodian of a heritage of grapes of great depth and high quality which is able to bring to fruition with unique wines complexity and production style. Harvest after harvest, the challenge was to be able to maintain high standards of excellence, with the scruple to exploit the unique characteristics of each grape variety from exclusive production contexts. Every year in the cellar no operations are performed standardized: diraspature, pressings, punching, replacements and refinements are not sequential steps but unique interpretations careful to reveal and enhance what nature has shaped during growth and ripening of the grapes. The winery is organized so as to preserve those values ​​Tasting the grapes, looking for those unique characters that wines Firriato, already at the stage of conception, are able to express.

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Le Sabbie dell’Etna £16.95

Vintage 2017

Producer La Sabbie dell’Etna

Country Italy

Grape Nerello