False Bay Vineyards

Western Cape, South Africa

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False Bay Vineyards was started in the 1990s by Boutinot founder Paul Boutinot. He was driven by a desire to bring South Africa's old vineyards back to the spotlight, and decided that all the wines produced at False Bay would be minimum-intervention: fermented with wild and naturally occurring yeast (rather than commercially bought), as few synthetic additives as possible, and so on. While minimum-intervention winemaking methods are well-known today, back then they were far from the norm. As the wines are made from old vineyards already in balance with nature, False Bay is able to produce these minimum-intervention wines at an excellent quality and an uncommonly affordable price.

Nowadays False Bay Vineyards remains a proud producer of certified sustainable wines, as well as a WWF Biodiversity Champion. It is certified by the Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association, and all its wines are vegan-friendly. Their cellarmaster is Nadia Barnard, who also presides over the wines made by Waterkloof, Paul Boutinot's biodynamic vineyard that he started ten years after False Bay.

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False Bay Slow Chenin Blanc £8.95

Vintage 2019

Producer False Bay Vineyards

Country South Africa

Grape Chenin Blanc