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Make sure you're topped up for Christmas!

Written by: James Bidgood

My harvest in Beaujolais

Written by: Gavin Smith

Ten years on I returned back where my life of wine all started for me. It was ten years almost to the day when I did my first harvest in what I still believe to be the most beautiful part of France - Beaujolais. Those two weeks of rising before dawn, in the vineyards at sunrise, breakfasts of cold meats and chilled Beaujolais, long mornings of picking grapes then a long lunch before back in the vineyards til sunset were some of the longest and most memorable days of my life. It was 'real' work and those first few days felt like weeks! My back felt like it was broken, my hands blistered and covered in cuts. The evening would be a cacophony of drunken noise with sing songs, accordions (so French), guitars round the table and an endless stream of flowing wine, pastis and roll-ups. It was and still is a rite of passage for many French students and it changed my life!


I was always interested in wine but on UK soil, wine circles always seemed a bit stuffy and felt contradictory to my more anarchic ways. My initial trip round the vineyards of France that summer with a friend and a tent and nowhere near enough money was the beginning of my journey that showed me a very different side of wine.


Despite the overwhelming friendliness we experienced in both Champagne and Burgundy (invited to lunches, clubbing with the kids of Beaune!! - that was weird) it was when we were really broke and we hit Beaujolais on the football World Cup final night - July 2006 (where France lost and Zidane was sent off for head butting) It was that night that the world of wine really spoke to me. Despite  France losing in such dramatic circumstances there was a massive street party in the tiny village of Chiroubles and it was there we bumped into our new winemaking friends Romuald and his girlfriend Mélanie, over a glass of fizz of all things. We were trying to hitch a ride back to the campsite in Fleurie but for them the night was just beginning! We stayed and drank and danced and partied hard that night (in Beaujolais it happens a lot!) and the next day went for lunch at their newly acquired/ rented winery.


Romuald is from a wine making family and has been making wine since he was a boy but he had just started renting a beautiful winery in St Veran. Those long summer days we spent in Beaujolais were etched in my memory. We would drink a few bottles of wine, make our own epic sandwiches then have a siesta lying outside the church of La Madonne atop of the hill overlooking the village of Fleurie and surrounded by vineyards. It was beautiful! We arrived as strangers and left as friends. One month later I was back there picking grapes. And now ten years later I am back again.


A lot has changed in those 10 years but the harvest hadn't changed at all! It is like it hasn't changed in 100 years. Perhaps mentally I was a more prepared for the hard work but I had asked Romuald if I could take more of a role in the winery too which meant after picking all morning you had to get all the grapes in the tanks before lunch and protected, then the same in the evening leaving the winery spotlessly clean. The days were just longer, even harder and remember I'm older and the body aches more!

It has been a tough year in France this vintage and no tougher than in Beaujolais. As we travelled through the vineyards of Morgon there were waves of vines with brown leaves and zero grapes. Romuald himself has a small prized vineyard in Chiroubles and this year no grapes. It is heartbreaking particularly as his Chiroubles 2015 is a thing of beauty! He claims it is his first natural wine since the grapes from last year were in such good condition they needed minimal protection during the production phase.




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Tis the season to be JOLLY

Written by: James Bidgood




There’s never been a better time to share your love of good wine. We’ve cherry-picked some truly outstanding wines for our Christmas gift selection, perfect drinking for the season ahead. We offer a fully bespoke service so if you have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to call. We’re happy to tailor cases to your palate, or talk you through our recommendations. You’ll be glad to know all our wines can be packaged in smart wooden boxes with clear, succinct tasting notes and we can include your personal goodwill message. These are gifts to remember, even for those who have everything.

Click here for our Christmas Gift Brochure

How does it work? Easy. All you have to do is let us know who you’d like to send wine to and we’ll do the rest.

Happy Christmas from everyone at The Vintner. 



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How to pair those festive classics

Written by: James Bidgood

Christmas Dinner is probably the biggest event of the year for you and your loved ones, yet there never seems to be enough time to fully prepare for the festivities ahead.

Not only will there always be a shortage of chairs and the worry of over-cooking the beef, the wine selection can been seen as an ominous cloud over the whole occasion.

Luckily, we are here to make it easy for you to choose the right wine for every special occasion. 

Something to get the festivities started...


Frizzante La Tordera NV                   Cremant de Loire Quarterons NV                   Andre Clouet Grand Cru NV       



Discover the perfect pair for your Christmas lunch...

Click each image to reveal


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Kevin Tessieux visits for our Producer Series

Written by: Will Trotman

The ‘summer’ isn’t just my favourite time of year because I get to indulge in copious amounts of cricket at Lord’s as England’s international season begins, it is also because during these months we have the pleasure of welcoming many producers and representatives of the wineries we work with across the globe, as part of our Producer Series.

The visits of Kevin Tessieux of Collovray & Terrier are always keenly anticipated by our staff and clients alike. We’ve been working with Collovray since our inception back in 2010 and the fact we’re still listing a host of their wines is not only testament to the extraordinary consistency of their white Burgundy, but also to what a delight they are to work with.

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