Viña Sutil

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Founded in 1995 this winery has been going from strength to strength. A reason for this is the raw talent of Oscar Salas Steinlen the winemaker, who has always focussed single-mindedly on the quality of the wines. Since he has been at Viña Sutil they have won more awards than ever before and are gaining recognition all over the world. 

The vineyard is located in the center of Colchagua, Peralillo. This is one of the most important red varieties valleys in Chile. The area has a Mediterranean weather, with four clearly defined seasons. The sea weather and Andes winds’ influence generate ideal conditions, especially during the summer months, where the temperatures range in up to 22° Celsius between highest and lowest. This variation allows grapes to have a slow ripening with an extended growing state. The resulting wines have a deep color and a soft tannins structure, with a hint of ripe fruit, and a nice balance between nose and palate.



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Aluvios de Tingui Gran Reserva 2014 £15.95

Vintage 2014

Producer Viña Sutil

Country Chile

Grape Carmenère