San Simone

Veneto, Italy

San Simone was founded by Gino Brisotto, the great-grandfather of Chiara, Anna and Antonio – the fourth generation who run San Simone today, and always remained in the hands of the family. Its name is taken from the street Via San Simone, where their first headquarters were situated.

The vineyards are located in the Friuli Grave DOC and Prosecco DOC area in the municipalities of Porcia, Pasiano and Azzano Decimo. San Simone invest significant resources in the vineyards, and use modern viticulture to achieve low yield of grapes per hectare. They have developed many farming practices that are environmentally friendly, and are seeking to become fully sustainable.



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San Simone 'Rondover', Pinot Grigio £11.95

Vintage 2017

Producer San Simone

Country Italy

Grape Pinot Grigio