Pascual Toso

Mendoza, Argentina

Rolando Luppino is Pascual Toso’s chief winemaker, who has been working at Toso for over 35 years since 1979. Throughout the years he has strived to give Toso wines a consistent style and signature, with a strong commitment and dedication to Toso’s high standards. In 2001 winemaker consultant Paul Hobbs joined the team to work on a new high quality wine project, and since then has been working closely with Rolando on the development of premium and super premium wines. In 2007 they won the Best Argentine Producer Award at the IWSC, reflecting their commitment to quality, attention to detail and love of wine.


The Pascaul Toso winery in Mendoza is one of the most prestigious and oldest in the whole of Argentina. Headed up by Rolando Luppino and Paul Hobbs, both among the most serious players in the Argentinian wine game, the estate produces gold medal winning wines every year and is recognised internationally as being among the best in Argentina. Throughout the years Pascual Toso acquired new plots for vines and at the beginning of the 20th century he also built a second larger and more modern winery on his estate, named “Las Barrancas”. Today the label has been renamed “Pascual Toso”, after its pioneering founder, though the estate and building itself has kept its original name.


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Pascual Toso Limited Edition Malbec 2015 £13.95

Vintage 2014

Producer Pascual Toso

Country Argentina

Grape Malbec