Masseria dei Carmelitani

Piedmont, Italy

Vite Colte consists of 180 vine growers who cultivate 300 hectares in Piemonte, all of whom share a passion for eco-friendliness. Every winegrower dedicates a part of his property to the Vite Colte project, with constant dialogues with the technical agronomist. This vast heritage of vineyards means that they can choose the best grapes to work with.

These grapes are grown on the hillsides in the commune of Gavi produce the wine known as Gavi, which can also utilize the “del comune di Gavi” subzone name. This old Masseria is a 25 hectare (62 acre) farming estate, located in the hills on the left bank of the Lemme river. In the 14th century it belonged to the Carmelite monks, who cultivated vineyards around the monastery and produced a highly-respected white wine.


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Gavi di Gavi 2017, Masseria Carmelitani £14.50

Vintage 2017

Producer Masseria dei Carmelitani

Country Italy

Grape Cortese