Les Roches Blanches

Champagne, France

Winemaker Marjorie Navarre’s family has been running a Champagne estate in the Marne Valley for three generations. She has a diploma in oenology at the Lycée Viticole in Avize, near Epernay. After various internships in Champagne and Bordeaux both in the vineyards and in oenology she worked for Moët et Chandon. She then joined Les Roches Blanches in September 2004 and gradually took over the winery as far as vinification, blending and wines maturation are concerned. In terms of oenology and wine making her philosophy is to keep the different terroirs in harmony through a well balanced blend that is representative of the Champagne wines and varietals.

Les Roches Blanches are a small, privately owned set-up who are the new kids on the Champagne block. Nicolas Gueusquin set it up about 10 years ago when he realised that a lot of the Grandes Marques were simply buying wine sur latte (ie. produced & bottled by another company) and then slapping their name on it and selling for a massive premium. Les Roches Blanches operates in a newly built, modern winery with thermoregulated stainless steel vats, underground chalk cellars and 40 gyropalettes. Their key objective is to propose good quality and good value Champagne. Henri Favre comes from all 5 terroirs either as grapes or musts (unfermented grape juice) via long term agreements.


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Champagne Henri Favre Brut NV £23.95

Producer Les Roches Blanches

Country France

Grape Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir