Laurent Miquel

Southern France

Since 1791, eight generations of the Miquel family have worked the vines of their estate high in the Languedoc hills. Father to son, harvest after harvest, they deepen their knowledge of the vines that grow here and learn to work in harmony with nature. Laurent represents a new generation of French winemaker who combines the force of his ancestors’ wisdom with his rebellious and innovative approach. For example, he insists on night time harvesting to preserve freshness and the varietal aromas in the wine.

The Miquel family gained ownership of two beautiful vineyards. The first vintner is situated in a stunning area located 350 meters above a rocky countryside village. The name comes from a phrase meaning “little leaves from oak tree.” The leaves and surrounding flowers are said to give the wines of the area a nice aromatic flavour.  The other vineyard, Cazal Viel, was allegedly constructed by Roman warriors. It has been an area of winemaking since 1202. Centuries later, the Miquel family eventually received ownership of the estate and have been making wine from a remarkably rich history. Both vineyards have been farmed organically since the 1990s. 



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Solas Chardonnay, Laurent Miquel £10.50

Vintage 2015

Producer Laurent Miquel

Country France

Grape Chardonnay