Keermont Estate

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Alex Starey is in charge of the vineyards and of making the estate’s wines. Employed at the start of the redevelopment of the farm in 2005. Alex’s philosophy in the vineyards tends towards the natural rather than the scientific. The aim to create wines that reflect the beautiful place from which they come and the particular year’s vintage conditions. For this reason, they try to use less chemical fertilizers, fewer pesticides and to irrigate as little as possible. In the winery Alex’s aim is to guide the wines through fermentation and maturation as gently and naturally as possible so he can capture the true essence of the fruit that they put so much effort into growing.

Keermont is situated high up on the picturesque Blaawklippen Valley, otherwise known as Paradise Valley. Due to the steepness of the terrain the altitude climbs 200 metres within the Estate with the vineyards planted between 250 and 400 metres. Thus the vines planted over these different terrains ultimately produce wines with good complexity. Keermont Syrah is grown on two syrah vineyards sites. Steepside syrah: Grown on the North facing slope in the red clay rich soils, this vineyard produces powerful full bodied wines with rich spicy flavours; and Topside syrah: an unirrigated west facing block planted at 400m above sea level on a rocky sandstone based soil. Topside syrahis usually more aromatic wine with a lighter more refined structure. The blend wascomplimented by two barrels of Mouvedre also grown in the steepside vineyard. This adds to the complexity of the flavours and tannin structure.



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Keermont Terrasse Chenin / Chardonnay 2015 £22.00

Vintage 2015

Producer Keermont Estate

Country South Africa

Grape Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier

Keermont Syrah 2013 £31.00

Vintage 2013

Producer Keermont Estate

Country South Africa

Grape Syrah