I Campi

Veneto, Italy

Flavio Pra is a young Veronese winemaker who boasts many prestigious consultations with the most important wineries in Veneto and Italy. He is the fourth generation of a line of winemakers, and studied oenology as well as learning it first hand at home, and in his 15 years of experience since. He believes in finding the essence of grape varieties through pure expressiong, and therefore his enology is respectful and controlled so that it doesn’t disrupt the natural potential of a wine.

The vineyards for the production of this wine are located in the area at an altitude of 170-210 meters above sea level in a well ventilated and exposed plot on a steep gradient. Planting density is kept deliberately sparse so that yield is low quantity, high quality. The volcanic soil is rich in minerals which lend minerality to the wine, and flintiness from the dark flint in the soil.



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I Campi Soave 2014, Campo Base £9.75 Was £11.75

Vintage 2014

Producer I Campi

Country Italy

Grape Garganega