Weingut Dürnberg

Weinviertel, Austria

Winemaker Christoph Körner is a Weinviertel native with heart and soul – he has had a close relationship to wine-growing in Falkenstein for decades and claims to know each vine and each vineyard like no one else. He runs Dürnberg wine estate his friends and partners - Matthias Marchesani and Georg Klein (marketing and sales respectively).

Weingut Dürnberg is located in the traditional wine village of Falkenstein, which also happens to be the historical heart of the Weinviertel and has around 50 hectares of vineyards in and around Falkenstein. The Falkenstein cliffs in the northern Weinviertel can be seen from far away. This geological rarity was created 17 million years ago, when the Alps were taking shape. Limestone from the deep strata had shifted upward. This, along with a moisture-retaining layer of loam under a blanket of humus mixed with weathered limestone, provide ideal conditions for wine-growing. Red wines in particular from the Weingut Dürnberg vineyards in Falkenstein are distinguished by their power and fruitiness.



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Dürnberg St. Laurent 2013 £16.95

Vintage 2013

Producer Weingut Dürnberg

Country Austria

Grape St. Laurent