Domaine Michelas-St-Jemms

Rhône, France

Based in Mercurol, this 50 hectare estate was established by Robert and Yvette Michelas in 1961. The domaine is now managed by their children, Sylvie, Florence, Corinne and Sébastien. The vineyard favours an environmentally friendly focus with most of the work at the vineyard being carried out by hand, with horses often being used in the place of machinery.  The domaine prides itself on its meticulous and environmentally friendly viticulture: leaf removal and grape-picking are carried out by hand. The wines are then handcrafted in their recently modernised winery.

The Michelas Saint Jemms vineyards are spread throughout the Drôme and Ardèche regions with 50 hectares of vines planted across the 4 appellations of Crozes Hermitage,Saint Joseph, Cornas and Hermitage. The soil is Granitic and argilocalcareous ground, pebbles, shale and lœss with the vineyards often swept by the Mistral (local wind) which slows down ripening and maintains freshness in the grapes.



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Crozes Hermitage 2014, Domaine Michelas-St-Jemms £15.00 Was £18.00

Vintage 2014

Producer Domaine Michelas-St-Jemms

Country France

Grape Syrah