Domaine Boutet Saulnier

Loire, France

Christophe Boutet is the co-manager (one of only two employees) at Domaine Boutet Saulnier, and has been there since founding it in 1997. He has since produced a range of wines including sparkling wines and semi-dec wines, as well as the delicious dry Vouvray that we list. He has always been concerned about sustainablity and makes several concessions in the vineyard with this aim in mind, such as growing grass between vines to impove the health of the soil and using natural yeasts instead of cultured.

At the heart of a vineyard that covers 2000 hectares near the city of Tours, Christophe Boutet cultivates 12 hectares of vineyards in the appellations Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire. His Chenins grow on clay-limestone soils with different plots, some with terraces overlooking the river, others on hillsides, but always in contact with the 'tuff' as it is called there (a sedimentary rock unique to the Loire Valley). 


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Vouvray 2016, Domaine Boutet Saulnier £12.50

Vintage 2016

Producer Domaine Boutet Saulnier

Country France

Grape Chenin Blanc