David Moret

Burgundy, France

Having no family domaine to work for after receiving his degree in oenology and winemaking, Moret begain his career selling farm equipment and working with local Burgundy vignerons. He purchased his first barrels in 1999 and has been making wine ever since. Today, David remains solely a winemaker, not a grower. Each year he hand picks and reserves small parcels of grapes from Burgundy’s best vignerons, usually 5 or 6 trusted growers and the same plots each year, ones he knows will produce the best grapes. David sometimes follows sustainable methods and sometimes not, he uses both traditional techniques and modern day technology. His philosophy is to simply make the best white burgundy he can, and does not discriminate against any style of winemaking. Having tried and tested organic methods but unhappy with the results, he follows instead a natural and “hands off ” method, showing an appreciation of the environment and delicacy of winemaking.

David Moret gets his grapes from several of the best growers in Burgundy. He works closely with the growers, with whom he has close ties and partnerships, ensuring that the vines and grapes are kept in the best possible condition. To ward off diseases, the vines are treated with copper spray and natural yeast, rather than pesticides and other chemicals, preserving the grapes’ natural qualities. Post-harvest everything is also kept as natural as possible, enhancing the wine’s character rather than trying to control or alter it.



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Meursault 1er Cru ‘Les Charmes’ 2014 £56.00

Vintage 2014

Producer David Moret

Country France

Grape Chardonnay