Château Troquart

Bordeaux, France

Jean-Guy Gregoire, an owner of various clothing and fashion shops in the region, purchased the vineyard in 1999 to appoint his son as technical director, who at age 22 had recently graduated with a viticulture-oenology degree. This ‘young gun’ initially encountered some prejudices among the Bordelais due to his age and his lack of family wine heritage. However, after producing some exceptional wines he has won them round and is now known as “the wine rocker”! 

Gregoire has steadily been raising the quality of his vineyards ever since he purchased them, and has ongoing plans to do this. He aims to achieve a full expression of the different nuances offered by the soils of Saint-George Saint-Émilion. He produces this wine by protecting it from excessive oenological modernism and only embraces the best of the new technologies for his vineyard.



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Clos St-Jacques 2015, St-Georges-St-Émilion £14.95

Vintage 2015

Producer Château Troquart

Country France

Grape Merlot