Château Citran

Bordeaux, France

The Donissan de Citran family ruled this estate from the 13th century until 1832, when the last heir had to sell the estate. Since then it has changed hands between several families, and even a Japanese business group. In 1996 the Merlaut family, who own several other Bordeaux estates, took over Citran. They have improved the quality from strength to strength, while still respecting the history of the estate. Viticulture is overseen by Eric Boissenot, the leading consultant winemaker of Médoc, helped by his 71-year-old father Jacques.

The vineyard, more than 100ha wide, comprises two large parcels: one around the Château, and the other, a little further up, surrounds the village. One third of these vines are organically grown. Château Citran has been carrying out a vineyard renovation programme for several years, and have reoriented some of their parcels to benefit from more sunshine. Each plot benefits from a specific treatment appropriate for its environment. Some are grown the traditional way: the soil is worked on mechanically and the phytosanitary treatments are standard. Others are covered with sowed vegetation every to spaces between rows, so as to improve the soil's layout.


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Château Citran 2010, Haut Médoc £24.95

Vintage 2010

Producer Château Citran

Country France

Grape Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot