Borgo Paglianetto

Marche, Italy

The winemaker Angelo Carucci and the enologist Aroldo Bellelli for Borgo Paglianetto are committed to the idea that Matelica is capable of producing exceptional wines showcasing a unique personality. They work closely, believing that excellent wines start with excellent vineyards, and that gentle care is essential for transforming fantastic fruit into fantastic wines: they firmly believe that great winemaking is done in the vineyard first. Both living in the Esino Valley, Angelo and Aroldo constantly take care of the production process, starting from the vineyard up to the wine cellar.

The 25 hectares of vineyards are situated in a closed valley in the Marche (pronounced Mar-kay) region, on the eastern side of central Italy. They belong to the production area of the Verdicchio of Matelica, named after its native yellow-green grape Verdicchio which use has been documented in the Marche region since the 14th century. The vineyard grows on clayey soils, and enjoys a great amount of sunlight thanks to its south facing position. 



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Petrara Verdicchio di Matelica 2015, Borgo Paglianetto £12.75

Vintage 2015

Producer Borgo Paglianetto

Country Italy

Grape Verdicchio