Bodegas Borsao

Campo de Borja, Spain

Bodegas Borsao was establised in 2001 and is a collection of three of the most progressive co-operative cellars in the Campo de Borja zone southeast of Rioja. Grapes come from 620 member growers covering 2,500 hectares, nearly a third of the region's total. They use modern winemaking techniques in order to emphasise the fruit in their wines, and are renowned for their love of and commitment to the Garnacha grape variety.

The Hillsides of the Moncayo shelter the vineyards located between 350 and 800 metres of altitude, regulating cold and heat and moderating the effects of the North-west Cierzo, which is responsible for the characteristic wild fruit aromas (Silvestres).  64% of Bodegas Borsao’s 7500 hectares of vineyards are planted with Garnacha – they have confessed it to be their favourite grape variety! 900 of these hectares are “Garnacha de Monte”, i.e. Garnacha over 35 years of age, growing on hillsides, bush-trained and not irrigated.



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Delincuente Garnacha 2015, Campo de Borja £8.25

Vintage 2015

Producer Bodegas Borsao

Country Spain

Grape Garnacha