Alain Mouiex

Bordeaux, France

Alain Moueix trained and qualified as a viticultural engineer and oenologist.  For the past 20 years he has worked with these 25.5 hectares of vines, looked after like a “vast garden”, which make up this magnificent property in the heart of Pomerol. Winegrower by trade and biodynamist by conviction, Alain Moueix is a businessman who channels his energy into seeking purity in his wines, a “sensation yielded by the terroir”, whilst maintaining balance and coherency with the environment.

The vineyard of Château Mazeyres is situated on a lovely hillcrest of sandy gravel with a sub-soil comprised of clayey-gravel; another part stretches across the Catusseau plateau and is made up of sands on a sub-soil of molasses containing a high concentration of iron-rich clay, known locally as “crasse de fer”. Aware of this unique potential, from 1992 onwards, Alain Moueix decided to enhance and develop this vineyard so that it could reveal its authentic terroir expression. Initially, he opted for rational, sustainable vine growing methods and established an extremely precise system for managing each plot of the vineyard individually so as to reveal the diversity and complementarity of these different terroirs. Furthered by his experience at Château Fonroque (100% biodynamic growing methods for the past 6 years), Alain Moueix was able to observe significant changes concerning the interaction between the plant, the soil, the sub-soil and the environment, therefore producing an effect of authenticity and delicacy in the terroir expression of the wines produced.


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La Croix de Mazeyres 2012, Pomerol £22.00

Vintage 2012

Producer Alain Mouiex

Country France

Grape Merlot