Our Team

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It might seem like an obvious thing to say but the people who work at The Vintner are absolutely at the heart and soul of everything we do. Every single one of us (including our drivers) is WSET accredited and we all a share huge passion for our wines and the people we work with every day. We hope this shines through in everything that we do. Meet the team that make The Vintner wheels go round.

The Management ... running the show

Father of four and the daddy of The Vintner team, Tom founded the company in 2010 and followed a long and illustrious line of Gilbeys into the wine industry. Currently studying to become an MW, he heads up the sales team.

Email:  tom@thevintner.com
Contact tel.:  020 3757 5494

Tom Gilbey


Julia is the glue that holds us all together. She is the proverbial duck paddling furiously under the water to keep everything running smoothly whilst outwardly exhibiting a really quite remarkable zen-like calm.

Email:  julia@thevintner.com
Contact tel.:  020 3757 5494

Julia Beran

Managing Director

The Sales Team ... selling our wines

It’s been over a decade since Nick joined the wine trade and his passion and wealth of experience makes him a great go-to for our private clients and Vault Club members. His other passion is Monty, his beloved Basset hound who has won the hearts of us all since visiting Vintner HQ.

Email:  nick@thevintner.com
Contact tel.:  020 3757 5514

Nick Daniell

Sales Account Manager

Having worked in the wine industry her whole career, she can resolve any problem we throw at her. 
Always positive and friendly, passionate for English fizz.

Jennie Russell (Maternity Leave)

Sales Account Manager

Purchasing ... unearthing hidden gems

Email:  hamish@thevintner.com
Contact tel.:  020 3757 5469

Hamish Kirwan

Purchasing Manager

Client Services ... keeping our customers smiling

Originally from Hull, Anna impresses us all by seemingly never getting cold, making us Southerners look like real softies. Ever calm and practical, Anna’s northern nouse makes her an absolute anchor here at Vintner HQ where she adeptly juggles all our clients’ various needs.

Email:  anna@thevintner.com
Contact tel.:  020 3757 5445

Anna Blakeston

Client Services & Operational Support Manager

Finance ...making it all add up

Tony brings on a wealth of experience and keeps The Vintners finances in shape. Aside from the occasional glass of wine, Tony enjoys motorcycle Trail Riding through the beautiful English countryside.

Tony Harb

Head of Finance

Zairene Gayle

Assistant Accountant

Logistics ... keeping the wheels turning

Champion power-lifter and our resident City-Shark. There isn't a road in London Kamil doesn't know and the number of deliveries he can manage in a day defies all mathematics. He's a serious white Burgundy fan, especially those of David Moret.

Email:  kamil@thevintner.com

Kamil Pawelec

Transport Manager

Baby-faced Peter is a daily injection of smiles in the office at the end of his wine run. His favourite thing is being told he's looking strong and his second favourite thing is wine from Volnay. When he's not lifting boxes of wine, he can be found lifting weights in the gym.

Email:  peter@thevintner.com

Peter Komuda

Vintner Van Man

Affectionately known as ‘mini-Greg’ (despite being well over 6 foot) Mat is similarly strong, handy, obsessed with cars, and faultlessly reliable. He’s also got a softer side and can sometimes be spotted buying pink fizz for the missus. (And no, we can't pronounce his surname either!)

Email:  mat@thevintner.com

Mat Zaczkiewicz

Vintner Van Man